PLEA is part of a research partnership alongside Douglas College, John Howard Society of the North Island (JHNI), McCreary Centre Society and North Island College.  Together we have created a research program that enriches the learning experience of students, while producing community based, academically rigorous research projects.  These projects focus on evaluating youth services, and on understanding youth health.  You can find the latest research papers at

There are three key roles that make up this partnership:  

Douglas College and North Island College identify, orient and support students to undertake projects selected by the research partnership.  They provide these students with an advisor and other departmental resources to help them research proposals and ethics review submissions, and to be available to address any concerns which may arise during a student research placement.  They also monitor student progress. 

PLEA and JHNI take the lead in identifying the research projects undertaken by the partnership.  Once approved and the necessary orientation has taken place, we provide access to the necessary data, which is held on CAMS, our Case Administration & Management System.  A member of PLEA and JHNI teams are always available for student guidance and consultation.   

The final piece of the puzzle is the McCreary Centre Society which provides a safe and secure venue for all data received from PLEA and JHNI and makes it available to the students.  It takes the lead in ensuring confidentiality is maintained  for all data, and that it cannot be traced back to participants. In addition McCreary staff provide research guidance and monitor data usage to ensure that all analyses are appropriate to the research question.

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